Digital cyberpunk binary art slayer and visual mercenary Gear Duran, aka Gearboxxx, is a cold-blooded rattlecan killer when he hits the big walls. His career is up and moving fast,He currently also has his very own line of spraypaint out called GBX3 by House Of Kolor and Spraymax using Gear as the poster child to move the image of the new paint line forward.

GBX3Studios Is Gear’s new “ART DOJO WHOOPASS” wear he will be teaching classes consisting of both digital illustration and beginners to advanced courses in airbrush illustration, Gear attended the Gnomon School of Visual FX in Hollywood CA. A hardcore artist first and foremost, he takes full advantage of his digital illustration skills and knowledge of various 3D software programs to produce one-of-a-kind art pieces that he then uses as reference for his airbrush work.

He has also done instructional DVD’S for Createx paints & Coast airbrush on mastering the art of Black light reactive UV illustration with airbrush also sponsored by IWATA airbrush gear can be found every year at the SEMA automotive show flexing his airbrush skills and talking to CEO’S about integrating there spray equipment into other companies production pipelines.

Gear has had the honor of having his art featured on the cover of the Las Vegas WEEKLY magazine, and has also been photographed for the cover of Las Vegas’ what’s on magazine.

“I believe the biggest challenge for us as a creative collective is to be original. Everything has been done under the sun on this world. I want to paint things that have only been done under the sun of other worlds.”

This versatile artist handles a variety of media including spray paint, oil, pencil, gauche, acrylic, airbrush and digital. Combining the hardcore hot rod attitude and grease monkey mayhem of his father, the intellectual nature and wisdom of his grandfather, and his mother’s raw drawing talent, together with video games, Japanese anime, 80s hair metal, fireworks,comic books toss it in a blender and what do you have!??!?! thants right!! GEARBOXXX ROX babe! Gear is a creative force to be reckoned with.